Schimmel Konzert K175T

The Schimmel K175T could be the perfect, home friendly size grand for Concert pianists to practise on.


  • Schimmel TwinTone (silent) system, prepared for easier installation of player system, chrome fittings, wide variety of casework styles

Like all the larger Konzert Series instruments (K195, K219, K230, K256), the K175 uses the action from the K280 full sized concert grand.

Normally, as piano models become smaller and more ‘house friendly’, the strings become shorter and therefore the sweet spot for striking the (bass) strings becomes closer to the end – and so the action mechanisms in smaller pianos become shorter. This shortening of the key affects the leverage ratios inside the action and thus it becomes harder for the pianist to exact complete control from shorter pianos.

You will hear some makers boasting about putting longer keys in their pianos but Schimmel Konzert series are the only grands in the world where even the smallest model (K175) has a full sized Concert grand action.

The concert grand size action is a nice start but it also needs an acoustic body that allows pianists to exploit their enhanced control and turn this into a more musical performance.

Here Schimmel has strived to provide the very best too: Their innovations are numerous from the enlarged, nonsquare soundboard within which ideal oscillation zones have space to develop providing clarity and greater tonal volume, to mass reduced bridges enabling greater dynamics and longer sustain, to patented adjustable triplex scale enabling a perfect blend of harmonics for every note in every piano.

  • Price

    £ 46,500

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    175cm (l), 154cm (w), 102cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, mahogany polish and exotic wood finishes to order. Various casework styles available

  • Made In