Schimmel Konzert K132

The pinnacle of the Schimmel upright piano range, this model shares many features with its grand piano relatives in the Konzert series – from the real ebony and mineral keys to the shape of the soundboard.

Even the tallest, top of the range, Schimmel Konzert series upright piano isn’t normally more than £25,000. However if you specify it with the brand new Schimmel Twintone system then it will just take you over. Naturally this upright is a beautiful performer that bridges the gap between uprights and medium sized grands. In fact, even its soundboard is shaped like that of a grand piano. Here are the words of Thierry Faradji from Diapason magazine on the new model: ’This piano is theatrical. Its dynamic range reveals its opulent character and facilitates the production of fortissimo and pianissimo with a natural effortlessness. The multifaceted tone of this powerfully-voiced instrument can unfold to produce a luxuriant orchestral sound, but can equally be played with an extreme muted timbre. It is impressive that such a powerful instrument can also produce such intimate piano dynamics. The homogeneity of all registers is faultless. The feeling of touch allows all performing intentions to be fully expressed and displays no weak points. The sumptuous appearance of this model adds an extra unmistakable aristocratic touch. This is an authentic piano from the good old days: the type of instrument which were bought for life.’

The new Twintone system (available from Winter 2019 on all upright Schimmel pianos) is a brand new Schimmel development. For the first time, it uses samples of Schimmel’s own pianos. So, even when wearing headphones, one still hears the great quality Schimmel sound which was carefully sampled in Schimmel’s own factory concert hall. Previously, Twintone could only be fitted in the factory during the piano’s manufacturing process. Now, a suitably qualified Schimmel dealer can simply add this system to an existing new Schimmel piano in their stock.


Schimmel-132-v2-52031.jpg Schimmel Konzert Series K132T