Schimmel K208 Pegasus

Beyond the realm of supercars lies the hyper-car and ‘hyper-piano’ is probably the best way to describe the Schimmel Pegasus. Beyond the dreams of most people this unique design, the brain child of Professor Luigi Colani, wages a war on straight lines – even the keyboard itself is curved.

The Pegasus is a 3D sculpture that is so unlike a conventional grand piano that it is very hard to appreciate in a 2D photograph. There are no legs at all. The body of the piano appears to float as it is supported by a clear glass central panel. At the keyboard end the bodywork swoops down to encompass the built in adjustable piano stool. If you are ever lucky enough to sit at the (synthetic) ivories of one of these ultra-rare instruments you are in no doubt that this is a very special occasion. The lid opens hydraulically at the touch of a button and the flush fitting keyboard cover disappears into the body of the piano to reveal the unique, ever so slightly, curved keyboard.  Needless to say the sound and feel of this instrument is just as magical.

This piano is one of the rarest on earth and coveted by the rich and famous. Owners include Lennie Kravitz, Eddie Murphy, the sadly missed Prince and (according to Forbes 2017) The Most Powerful Man on Earth.



  • Schimmel TwinTone (silent) system, self playing option
Schimmel-Pegasus-min-86911.jpg Schimmel K208 Pegasus
  • Price

    £ 220,183

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    291cm (l), 170cm (w), 112cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Almost any colour including metallic and pearlescent finishes

  • Made In