Schimmel Classic C169T

The Schimmel 169 is regarded by many as the best piano in the world of its size. In fact Schimmel doesn’t believe it is possible to make a high-quality grand any smaller than this 5’ 7” model.

The open angle of the two sides, common with all the instruments in the Schimmel ranges, is particularly effective on this size model as it maximises the area of the soundboard, length of strings for a given size, and eliminates right angles which inhibit the vibrations in the soundboard. Combined with an action originally designed for a 7ft grand, this truly is a piano that belies its size.

The final words are left to Thierry Faradji of Le monde de la Musique: ‘The C169 Tradition was honoured by our two pianists. François Dumont noted that it has “very special and fine nuances with much personality.” It is “brilliant, clear and shows an excellent tonal development.” The registers are perfectly balanced with a splendid and sparkling treble, warm bass and rich middle section. Prisca Benoît judged the touch and action as “very comfortable”. It is “effective and it is easy to control the power at the keys.”

Our musicians name the instrument a “piano for soloists”, which is perfect for the work of a concert pianist and for the interpretation of the romantic repertoire.’


  • Extra features: Schimmel TwinTone (silent) system, prepared for easier installation of player system, chrome fittings, wide variety of casework styles

Schimmel-Classic-C169T-min-43340.jpg Schimmel Classic C169T
  • Price

    £ 34,500

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    169cm (l), 154cm (w), 102cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, mahogany polish and exotic wood finishes to order. Various casework styles available

  • Made In