Roland GP609

Roland GP609

The GP609 is where the beautiful exterior of an acoustic baby grand meets the accommodating benefits of a digital.



- Action: PHA-50 Keyboard, wood and plastic hybrid structure that is progressively weighted with escapement
- No of Internal Sounds: 319
- Polyphony: Limitless
- Speaker System: 8 speaker multi-channel system
- Extra features: 10-year warranty, Bluetooth audio, Bluetooth MIDI, Twin Piano mode, USB to computer, Piano Designer and Piano Partner 2 apps


This Roland GP609 is perfect for those who want the luxurious, traditional look of an acoustic, without the maintenance. Play with headphones, customise your piano sound, and never worry about tuning. Truly get the best of both worlds with this incredible piano.

Whether a professional or a beginner, all players benefit from an authentic and accurate key action. The GP609 features no other than Roland’s premium PHA-50 keybed with escapement– combining the natural look and feel of a wooden key with reliable and sturdy modern materials.

The 8-way speaker system allows every sound – from a subtle key nuance to the rich, dominating bass – to be projected from different places, into different directions. This powerful and immersive speaker system allows you to get truly lost in the instrument – just how you would if you were sitting at an acoustic. Set the volume level, and never fear about being too quiet or too loud.

Through Bluetooth technology, either wirelessly stream your own music through the speakers, or connect the Roland piano to a device for wider exploration. There is something for everyone with this GP609, and with a 10-year warranty, you’ll be playing this piano for many years to come.

Elegant, stylish and traditional. This stunning 5ft long piano comes in either polished white or polished black. And like any great furniture piece, this piano demands to be seen (and heard).

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Roland GP609 Roland GP609
  • Price

    £ 9,239

  • Pedals

    Progressive damper, soft pedal, sostenuto assignable to alternative functions

  • Weight


  • Finishes

    Polished ebony or polished white