Phoenix Model 212

Buyers Guide

Phoenix Model 212 has exceptional sound quality and balanced evenness across the registers, and is ideally suited to private homes, recital use and recording studios.


  • Sequenced half blow pedal, any of over 100 wood finishes

Designed to satisfy demanding artistic requirements, the Phoenix 212 continues to be the most popular Phoenix grand piano.

Phoenix pianos contain world-leading technology. Patented bridge agraffes remove string down-bearing loads, freeing the soundboard to vibrate without restriction and thus enhancing acoustic performance. Life-limiting, gradual soundboard collapse is thereby also eliminated. We offer CNC machined carbon fibre bridge caps in the upper registers for enhanced purity of sound.

Our pianos can be made with the three soundboard options: carbon fibre, kevlar, or a thin wooden soundboard

Carbon fibre and Kevlar offer superior climate resistance.

A choice of two actions is available: The Phoenix D3D climate-resistant action, with carbon fibre shanks and 3D printed, bushless parts made with specially developed materials, or the traditional wooden Abel action

Both come with a choice of Abel or Renner hammers.

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  • Price

    £ 55,000 and above

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, sostenuto, una corda

  • Dimensions

    155cm (w), 102cm (h), 212cm (l)

  • Finishes

    Under lid and rim: white maple. Desk lyre and fall fascia: burl walnut. Case: black high polish polyester

  • Made In

    • Made using key components and parts from Germany. Assembly and finishing in UK