Petrof 118 S1

For smaller interiors and for teaching and practising purposes we also recommend the P 118 S1 upright.


  • Dimensions: 118cm (h), 144cm (w), 55cm (d)
  • Weight 212 kg
  • Finishes: Black polyester, high polish (other finishes available)
  • Pedals: 3 standard pedals
  • Made in: Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
  • PRICE: £7,520


The Petrof 118 S1 piano comes with a very small cabinet that goes perfectly with the furnishings of any modern household or music school. Again you can choose from a number of surface finishes, ensuring that our instrument will delight you not just with its lovely sound, but also its beautiful appearance.


The Petrof 118 S1 has a romantic, rounded sound, which is typical of PETROF pianos. Only the best European materials are used, which is proved by European Excellence (EEX) certification. Nearly 80 % of the manufacturing processes are done by hands of experienced workers of this family-run factory. Instruments are built mainly from components produced directly in the PETROF factory. This brings the best possible quality control. The PETROF company is considered the main innovator in this industry, thanks to the work of all experts of the technology center in co-operation with the research and development department established in 1954.


This Petrof 118 S1 model is suitable for both domestic and educational work and play, for the training needs of professional players, but also for musical ensembles. Its sound will also please audiences in clubs. Thanks to its reliability and flexibility of use, the model is a bestseller among PETROF upright pianos for customers worldwide.


In summary: the Petrof 118 S1 model is handmade in the Czech Republic; it has a European Excellence (EEX) certification; Renner hammers; Detoa action; PETROF original soundboard, bridges and strings.


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  • Price

    £ £7,520

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    118cm (h), 144cm (w), 55cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black polyester, high polish (other finishes available)

  • Made In

    Czech Republic