Bentley 148 Baby Grand

Following a British heritage dating back to 1906, Bentley pianos today are made by Pearl River Piano Group, the largest piano maker in the world, environmentally and technically accredited, combining state-of-the-art machinery with the dedicated skills of hand craftsmanship.

Bentley pianos feature an easy-to-play action enhancing the player’s control and touch response. Specially selected hammer felts, strings imported from Germany and sand-cast iron frames ensure a clean transfer of energy to the resonant, tapered, solid high-altitude spruce core-engineered soundboard, all of which enhance tone and are not typically found in similarly priced pianos.

From the soft-close fallboard and tapered legs to the adjustable music desk and twin position support for the bevel-edged top lid, this is a beautifully designed baby grand piano. The longer key depth enables you to control and feel the music projecting from both sides of the soundboard. This European-styled grand piano is ideal for those with restricted space or access but who have a taste for the tone and touch of a grand piano.

The Bentley 148cm/4ft 10in baby grand piano is available in a choice of black or white high-polish finishes. This beautiful piece of furniture is also available with an internet-driven self-player system. You can enjoy the majestic splendour of the king of instruments at a price lower than many uprights.

BENTLEY-148BP-56489.jpg Bentley 148 Baby Grand
  • Price

    £ 6,999 (black)

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    148cm (l), 149cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Black, white

  • Made In