Korg SV1-88BK

Housed in a sleek, curvaceous body, the SV-1BK offers an elegant on-stage appearance. Coupled with retro-style controls and smooth black finish, the SV-1BK oozes desirability and playability.



  • Action: 88 key (E1–E7), RH3 (naturally weighted hammer) keyboard
  • No of Internal Sounds: 36
  • Polyphony: 80
  • Speaker System: n/a
  • Extra features: Free software editor/librarian, valve-reactor amp-modelling technology
  • £1,399 for the 73-key version


The Korg SV1-88BK contains multiple acoustic pianos, vintage EPs and a compendium of electro-mechanical, transistorized, tape-driven, analogue and early digital keyboards. Thanks to Korg’s RX Technology, each sound is a detailed and authentic re-creation, capturing the full range of expressions and dynamics of the original. The SV-1BK also provides access to the effect pedals, amplifiers, speaker cabinets and studio techniques that gave these sounds their original shine. Together, they provide fingertip access to the sounds that defined generations of popular keyboard playing.

The RH3 Real Weighted Hammer Action is the finest keybed that Korg offers, with a solid, responsive feel that inspires confidence. The entire front panel is always live, using clearly labelled knobs to dial up the sound you are looking for. The eight favourites provide quick recall of user settings that are stored using the same method as a car radio tuner (hold down the button for a few seconds!)

The Korg SV1 is also available in a more compact and portable version. All functionality remains the same but the keyboard is the 73-key version of the RH3.

An optional stand and rolling case is available for both models. For the stage, SV-1BK is equipped with balanced XLR and .in outputs, Left and Right audio inputs. MIDI In and MIDI Out jacks, USB MIDI and three-pedal connections.

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Korg-SV1-88-min-61797.jpg Korg SV1-88BK
  • Price

    £ 1,575

  • Pedals

    3: Damper (supports half-pedalling); Pedal 1 operates as a sostenuto pedal; Pedal 2 for either effect control or an additional switch pedal for three pedal functions

  • Weight

    20.55kg (17.5kg 73-key version)

  • Finishes