Korg C1 Air Concert series

The C1 has been hailed as an exceptional digital piano. With Korg’s unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology, the C1 offers levels of playability and versatility that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding pianist.



  • Action: 88-key (A0–C8), RH3 weighted hammer keyboard
  • No of Internal Sounds: 30
  • Polyphony: 120
  • Speaker System: 25W x 2
  • Pedals: 3
  • Finishes: Black, white, white ash, rich brown woodgrain
  • Price: £980

From the very first note, the depth and clarity of sound that the C1 delivers from its compact, slimline cabinet will astound both player and audience alike. The precisely-engineered keyboard provides a feel and response designed to help the student develop a sound playing technique while responding fully to the demands of the more advanced player.

• Sophisticated and elegant design in an incredibly compact cabinet

• Two concert grand pianos, a German grand and a Japanese grand, reflect a broad musical spectrum from subtle and intense classical music through to bright and powerful jazz and pop.

• Both the German Grand Piano and the Japanese Grand Piano sounds realistically recreate the ‘damper resonance’ effect produced by the sympathetic resonance of the strings in an acoustic piano when the damper pedal is held down.

• Key-off simulation recreates the sounds produced when the player’s fingers lift off the keys.

• Bluetooth audio support: connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the C1 Air and enjoy playing the piano along with your stored music or other audio. When you’re not playing the piano, you can use the C1 Air as a powerful Bluetooth speaker system.

Korg-C1-Air-(black)-min-50507.jpg Korg C1 Black
  • Price

    £ 980

  • Pedals

    3 damper, soft and sostenuto (supports half-pedaling)

  • Weight

    35.1kg including stand

  • Finishes

    Black, white and rich brown woodgrain