Kawai Novus NV5

As the latest addition to Kawai’s premium NOVUS range of hybrid instruments, the NV5 utilises the same Millennium III keyboard action as that of Kawai’s highly-regarded K Series professional upright pianos, with high-precision optical sensors detecting the movement of each hybrid hammer.

The NV5 includes a real acoustic piano damper mechanism, preserving the important physical connection between the keyboard and pedals to ensure the most authentic playing experience possible.


Action: Millennium III Upright Hybrid
Speaker System: TwinDrive soundboard technology with six premium Onkyo speaker drivers
Pedals: 3: Grand Piano damper (including half pedal), sostenuto, soft
Finishes: Ebony polished
Price: £5,888

The modern Kawai NV5 supports both Bluetooth® MIDI and audio connectivity, and boasts a variety of convenient features, easily accessible from the large LCD touchscreen display embedded within the instrument’s left cheek block.

Its ultra-compact cabinet occupies a depth of just 46 cm – far smaller than that of a conventional upright piano, while the contemporary design and immaculate ebony polish finish guarantee that this stunning
instrument will become the centrepiece of any room it occupies.

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  • Price

    £ 5,888

  • Pedals


  • Finishes

    Ebony polished