Kawai K-600 AURES

The Kawai K-600 upright piano offers a level of tone quality and performance that may rival many grand pianos.


  • Dimensions: 134cm (h), 153cm (w), 65cm (d)
  • Finishes: EP (ebony polished)
  • Pedals: 3
  • Made in: Hamamatsu, Japan
  • PRICE: £12,444

With sturdy construction for years of reliable service, the K-600 is a popular choice for auditoriums, schools and other institutional settings.

In addition to the traditional benefits of this high-end acoustic piano, the K-600 AURES gives the user a wealth of additional features to assist with practice, performance, and enjoyment of the instrument. AURES gives the pianist freedom to enjoy the piano silently through headphones, or even out loud through the instrument’s own soundboard resonance system whilst enjoying the feeling of the acoustic piano action to help maintain good technique.

To enjoy these additional features, the pianist can push down the middle pedal which stops the hammers contacting the strings, and instead, a non-contact sensor picks up the precise movement of the action and translates this into a digital signal, allowing the pianist to play with headphones. If headphones are not for you, then this digital signal can be translated, via the 4 built-in transducers, to the soundboard which will amplify the digital sound like a speaker. This allows volume control as well as many other digital features (such as multiple voices) to be played outload through this revolutionary instrument.

Find out more about the AURES: www.kawai.co.uk/products/hybridpianos/auresseries/

Test this instrument for yourself and contact your local Kawai dealer here: www.kawai.co.uk/dealersearch/

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  • Price

    £ £12,444

  • Pedals


  • Finishes

    EP (ebony polished)

  • Made In