Kawai GX-7

In larger teaching and rehearsal spaces, and medium-sized performance venues, you often need a larger piano to fill the room with sound, without going as far as a 9ft concert grand.

The 229cm Kawai GX-7 is ideal for these situations sharing the philosophy and attention to detail of the GX-3, also featured here, but benefitting from the even greater tonal depth, power, and dynamic range offered by the much larger soundboard area and increased string length. The
size of the GX-7 makes it ideal for recitals and chamber music in a wide range of venues.

All GX-Series grand pianos feature Kawai’s premium Neotex key surfaces which enhance the tactile pleasure of playing, and have moisture absorbent characteristics to aid control. Also common to the entire GX-Series range are hammers using finest quality, long-haired New Zealand and Australian wool. As well as other carefully selected materials and the overall structural rigidity of the instrument, these contribute to the sound of the GX-7, which offers a flexible combination of power, rounded sonority and clarity.

The Millennium III action provides precision and responsiveness to make the most of this capability, including changes from large-scale fortissimo passages to the most intimate and controlled pianissimo playing.

For those situations where a GX-7 is too large but a GX-3 is too small, the 200cm GX-5 (£31,222 RRP) and 214cm GX-6 (£34,444 RRP) are also available, with the same features on a smaller scale.

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Kawai-GX-7-min-92637.jpg Kawai GX-7
  • Price

    £ 40,111

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    229cm (l), 157cm (w), 102cm (h)

  • Finishes

    EP (ebony polished)

  • Made In