Kawai GX-3

The GX-3 is a 188cm grand piano, one of six GX-Series models made at Kawai’s award-winning Ryuyo facility in Japan.

It is crafted to reward experienced players including professionals, but also to inspire those at an earlier stage in their development. The GX-3 offers an increased level of clarity over the more affordable GL-50, while further enhancing the flexibility of tone, dynamic range, and long speaking-length for which Kawai grands are known.

This combination proves very rewarding, particularly in shaping melodic lines and in exploring voice-leading, the voicing of chords and the handling and resolution of harmonic structure. Kawai cites a demanding selection process for the materials used in the soundboard, bridges, ribs, and inner rim as central to achieving this, as well as the particular attention paid to the overall rigidity of the instrument.

Playing the GX-3 feels more like enjoying a full-size concert grand, the longer keys having an increased pivot length to offer greater control over the instrument’s musical capabilities. The consistent touch weight is particularly helpful for those works in challenging key signatures or with copious accidentals, where playing further towards the back of the keys reduces the need for unnecessary changes of hand position.

The Millennium III action, utilising an ABS-Carbon compound also used in the aeronautics industry, offers increased stability and durability, and maximises the responsiveness of all GX-Series instruments. The GX-3’s combination of touch and tone makes it ideal for concert preparation, but also for performances in smaller venues, including music education settings. The Yehudi Menuhin School uses 5 GX-3s in its practice and teaching rooms.

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Kawai-GX-3-min-54350.jpg Kawai GX-3
  • Price

    £ 25,999

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    152cm (w), 188cm (l), 102cm (h)

  • Finishes

    EP (ebony polished)

  • Made In