Kawai ES110

The Kawai ES110 combines strong performance and a very portable weight of 12kg with an affordable price tag, making it a perfect choice for beginners with limited space

Them Kawai ES110 also offers the action and sound to provide an enjoyable playing experience. The new Responsive Hammer Compact action offers improved responsiveness over the previous ES100, being based
on the RHIII action from higher-end models.


Action: Responsive Hammer Compact Internal Sounds: 19 (including 2 concert grand options)
Polyphony: 192
Speaker System: 2 x 7W
Weight: 12kg
Pedals: 1: Damper (with half-pedaling) Optional F-350 3-pedal unit available, £100 RRP (requires optional HML-1 stand, £115 RRP)
Finishes: Black, White
Price: £622

The main piano sound is a high-quality 88-key sample of Kawai’s EX concert grand piano, using the company’s Harmonic Imaging technology to recreate the broad dynamic range of the acoustic instrument. Those wishing to explore will enjoy the alternative piano sounds, and the creative possibilities offered by the other electric piano, organ, harpsichord, string, and pad sounds.

Although the ES110 doesn’t offer the USB recording functions of higher-range Kawai digitals, it does have a useful 3 song internal recorder so that you can review your playing, and Bluetooth MIDI connectivity is included.

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  • Price

    £ 622

  • Pedals

    1: Damper (with half-pedalling).  Optional F-350 3-pedal unit available, £100 RRP (requires optional HML-1 stand, £115 RRP)

  • Weight


  • Finishes

    Black, White