Irmler F160E

In order to accommodate the widest possible range of individual requirements and budgets, Blüthner offers three different, distinctive families of instrument: Blüthner, Haessler and Irmler.


  • Moontime Silent System


All three ranges are designed in Leipzig, Germany in accordance with the most stringent, time-honoured methods, principles and standards. With all of our instruments, the distinctive and reliable hallmark is clear. Founded upon robust construction, these pianos are designed to suit the needs, and the pockets of piano lovers the world over.

The Irmler F160E grand piano is the smallest model in the ‘Europe’ range at 5’3”/160cm in length. Designed by Blüthner and made from high quality European components, the Irmler Europe range of pianos are fine instruments that combine European design values and precision engineering with excellent value.

Due to its European components, the F160E produces a warm, rich tone coupled with superior touch and performance. Each of the Irmler pianos is founded upon traditional virtues, but with their own, distinctively fresh character. All of them carry the familiar hallmarks of the Blüthner family: sound construction, clarity of voice and excellent value for money.

Each Irmler piano is finished at the Blüthner factory in Leipzig, Germany which includes voicing, regulation and fine tuning, resulting in a high-quality piano throughout. 

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Irmler-F160E-min-05949.jpg Irmler F160E
  • Price

    £ 15,495

  • Pedals

    3: una corda, sostenuto, sustain

  • Dimensions

    160cm (L) 151cm (W)

  • Finishes

    Black, White, other finishes available to order

  • Made In