Grotrian-Steinweg G-132

It takes centuries of tradition and constant refinement in the craft of piano-making to produce an instrument with such magnificent acoustic qualities.


  • Dimensions: 132cm (h), 157cm (w), 66cm (d)
  • Weight: 295kg
  • Finishes: Black polyester finish. Other finishes available to order
  • Pedals: 3: sustain, practice (optional), soft
  • Extra features: Silent system, chrome fittings, ebony sharps, sostenuto pedal (all optional)
  • Made in: Braunschweig, Germany
  • PRICE: £31,260

The German firm of Grotrian-Steinweg is one of the oldest piano manufacturers in the world, and this piano is 100% produced in Germany by its dedicated staff who have worked for the company throughout their careers. This creates a wealth of experience.

The Grotrian-Steinweg G-132 is a true concert upright. Designed with substantial dimensions in every respect, the case consists of high-quality woods, the top panel carries an elegant inlaid oval, the star-shaped back-frame is made of two strong layers, the bass is full and rich, and the tone in the treble lingers with a large dynamic range. The touch and repetition have been reworked recently to give an even more full and sensitive response. This piano stands alongside the very best but its price is lower than many competitors.

If you don’t have the space for a grand but you demand the sound of one, you should seriously consider the Grotrian-Steinweg G-132.

To summarise:

• 100% hand-made in Germany

• 4-brace Renner action; Kluge Keyboard; Abel hammers

• Traditional-style case with castors

• Patented star-shaped back-frame

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Grotrian-Steinweg-Concertino-132-min-38381.jpg Grotrian-Steinweg Concertino 132
  • Price

    £ 31,260

  • Pedals

    3: sustain, practice (optional), soft

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    132cm (h), 157cm (w), 66cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black polyester finish. Other finishes available to order

  • Made In

    Braunschweig, Germany