Casio PX-S1000

Casio’s PX-S1000 is the latest in their portable range of digital pianos, designed for pianists who require a lightweight instrument that delivers a superb tone and touch.


Action: Smart Scaled
Hammer Action Keyboard
Internal Sounds: 18
Speaker system: Loudspeaker system, Bluetooth Audio
Weight: 11.2kg (excluding batteries)
Pedals: 3-pedal option. SP-3 Sustain Pedal included.
Finishes: Red, white or black
Price: £575

At first glance, the stylish design of the PX-S1000 is immediately apparent. Not only is it the world’s slimmest portable piano (with 88 weighted keys and built-in speakers) but the streamlined design removes all of the distracting buttons and lights that portables often have. Instead, Casio’s revolutionary Active Touch Display allows the sound settings to appear as if by magic from behind the sleek main digital panel when required.

Despite weighing only 11.2 kg, there is no compromise on audio clarity or keyboard action. The piano tone uses Casio’s latest AiR2 technology for superb sound quality and dynamic contrast. This is combined with the new Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, where every key has a unique response time, recreating the touch response of a traditional acoustic instrument.

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading technology companies, the PX-S1000 has USB and Audio connections, including Bluetooth Audio Streaming, where you can hear music from your suitably equipped tablet or phone through the speakers of the piano.

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  • Price

    £ 575

  • Pedals

    3-pedal option

  • Weight


  • Finishes

    Red, white or black