Casio PX-560MBE

The Casio PX-560MBE is the jewel in the crown in Casio's collection of new lifestyle sub-brand #casiopro stage pianos and studio controllers designed to light and user friendly.

In September 2017, Casio announced the launch of a new lifestyle sub-brand #casiopro – a range of innovative stage pianos and studio controllers. Each model in the range weighs less than 12kg and thus is light to carry and very user friendly to the regular jobbing musician.

The PX-560MBE represents the jewel in the crown of the collection.

At the centre of the PX-560 is its Colour Touch Interface. The bright, clear 5.3" display (easy to use in ‘no-light’ conditions on stage) responds immediately to your touch, with its intuitive panel. This ease of functionality also enables you to explore a full complement of tones, with noticeable highlights in the authentic-sounding Electric Pianos and lush String sounds. Parameter editable EQs and varying digital effects complete a strong musical experience.

The PX-560 is also equipped with a Hex Layer feature, particularly useful to those wishing to create original compositions. A Hex Layer is a single complex tone that can be made up of six sample layers. These can be stacked (layered), split or velocity switched. The PX-560 presents a unique opportunity for you to create your own bespoke sound.


  • Action: Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action II
  • No of Internal Sounds: 650 Built-in Tones, Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
  • Polyphone: 256 Note Polyphony
  • Speaker System: 8W+8W, 1/4” L&R Input & Output, 1/8” Audio Input

Casio-PX-560MBE_F-min-02665.jpg Casio PX-560MBE
  • Price

    £ 1,129.99

  • Pedals

    Single Sustain Included, Full Pedal Unit

  • Weight

    12kg, 132cm x 29.2cm x 14.732cm

  • Finishes