Casio GP-310

For the price of a usual digital piano, the GP-310 from Casio and Bechstein offers much more than comparable instruments.

First and foremost, the revolutionary Natural Grand Hammer Action keyboard uses the same Austrian Spruce wood as the legendary Berlin manufacturer, for an authentic touch and key movement. Unlike most other digital pianos, this hybrid has full length wooden keys connected to moving hammers that use the same design principles as C. Bechstein.


Action: Natural Grand Hammer Action Keyboard with moving hammer mechanism
Internal sounds: 24
Polyphony: 256
Speaker System: 6-speaker Grand Acoustic System
Weight: 77.5kg
Pedals: 3: soft, sostenuto, damper (with half-pedal effect)
Finishes: Satin Black or Satin White
Extra features: Austrian spruce keys as used in C. Bechstein grand pianos
Price: £2,735

Stored within the Casio GP-310 are digital recreations of three European grand pianos, referred to as Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. The Berlin tone was developed in collaboration with C.Bechstein, with refinements made by the piano maker’s technicians in the development of the Grand Hybrid’s rich tone.

Further digital enhancements include Concert Play, a library of beautiful orchestral recordings that can be played along to, and a special mode which optimizes the sound for headphones when required. Pianists
will also have the ability to record performances as digital audio on to a USB memory stick.

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  • Price

    £ 2735

  • Pedals


  • Weight


  • Finishes

    Satin Black or Satin White