Boston by Steinway & Sons GP-156 PE

The smallest Boston grand by size at 5ft 2 (156cm), there is nothing small about the sound of the Boston GP-156 Performance Edition, which benefits from a wide tail design.

The Steinway-designed Boston piano – long unrivalled in its class and unmatched in value – has been significantly enhanced with the introduction of the new Performance Edition. The Boston Performance Edition features improvements in materials, specifications and performance which have never before been experienced in the mid-price range of grand pianos.

In comparison to other pianos, the Boston has less string tension which allows for a larger, tapered soundboard, creating longer sustain and more singing quality in the tone. Further engineering enhancements, which include optimal placement of ribs, braces and bridges, also contribute to the Boston’s superior tone and greater stability.

The Boston grand offers a larger soundboard in comparison to other pianos of the same length, due to its innovative ‘wide tail’ design. Each Boston piano soundboard is crafted of Sitka spruce, long proven to be the most resonant material available. Boston soundboards are also precisely tapered, which allows them to vibrate more freely. In conjunction with a number of special technologies – unique patents of Steinway & Sons – the result is a powerful, sustained tone.

Fine veneers enhance the elegance of the Boston pianos, which are available in walnut and mahogany satin or polished finishes, as an alternative to the classic ebonized finish. All of them are designed to delight the eye and enhance the player’s experience.

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Boston-GP156-grand-89535.jpg Boston by Steinway & Sons GP-156 PE
  • Price

    £ 20,300

  • Pedals

    3: brass, full sostenuto

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    156cm (l), 151cm (w), 101cm (h)

  • Finishes

    Ebonised polish

  • Made In