Bösendorfer Edge (Model 185)

Over the years, many famous designers have created pianos for Bösendorfer. Many unique grands have been designed, at no compromise to sound, that would later go down in history as famous examples of instrument design.

The model Edge was proclaimed the winner of the first international Bösendorfer Piano Design Award in 2006 by Edelweiss Industrial Design.

The aim of the Bösendorfer Piano Design Award is to raise awareness of design’s increasingly important role in 21st-century life by recognising extraordinary product design. Additionally, the option of creating your own Bösendorfer grand piano at no compromise to its wonderful qualities of sound is highlighted.

Of the Bösendorfer Edge design, the Jury declared: ‘Bösendorfer not only represents uncompromising quality and tradition but innovation as well. Playing a Bösendorfer piano is an experience of extraordinary precision and musical depth. Edge design communicates this experience through design.’

  • Fabric-covered music desk to ensure optimum sound permeability
  • Increased spacing for enhanced projection, even when the lid is closed
  • Handcrafted in Vienna
  • Austrian spruce soundboard
  • Remarkable and modern design
Bosendorfer-Edge-min-30990.jpg Bösendorfer Edge (Model 185)
  • Price

    £ 122,155

  • Pedals

    3: soft, sostenuto, damper

  • Dimensions

    185cm (l), 151cm (w)

  • Finishes

    Polished ebony

  • Made In