Blüthner D


In the tradition of the Bauhaus principle ‘less is more’, Blüthner has produced a revolutionary piano with a simple design that would suit any room, aesthetic or design.


  • Dimensions: 116cm (H) 62cm (D) 154cm (W)
  • Finishes: Black Polished, Black Satin and White Polished
  • Pedals: 3: Soft, practice, sustain
  • Extra features: Moontime Silent System and Blüthner Evolution system can be fitted
  • Made in: Leipzig, Germany
  • PRICE: £14,495

Ever since 1853, the Blüthner family, now in its 5th generation, has been developing and refining the identity of the instruments it creates. Founded upon classical methods of construction, Blüthner sets distinctive, ground-breaking new standards in sound and expression.

With the Model D, Blüthner has produced a revolutionary piano with a modern design that would suit any interior. A true style icon, the beautifully designed Model D comes with chrome fittings. With a function over form approach as illustrated with its full length music desk, the piano has clean lines and is certain to be a focal point of your room. The newest addition to the Blüthner upright range, the Model D comes with a Renner action and fine Abel hammers, making it an ideal choice, offering Blüthner’s classic Golden Tone and responsive action in a compact cabinet.

Blüthner e-volution

All Blüthner acoustic instruments can be fitted with the Blüthner e-volution system. A marriage of tradition piano manufacturing and 21st century technology, the e-volution system utilises the cutting edge innovations of our digital pianos, combined with an internal piano silencer system. The Blüthner e-volution system also boasts features such as Bluetooth® audio connectivity, a BOSE® speaker system and MIDI functionality.

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Bluthner-Model-D-upright-min-97057.jpg Blüthner D
  • Price

    £ 14,495

  • Pedals

    3: Soft, practice, sustain

  • Dimensions

    116cm (H) 62cm (D) 154cm (W)

  • Finishes

    Black Polished, Black Satin and White Polished

  • Made In