Blüthner 11

Only the finest timber, carefully selected from around the world and seasoned over many years, is used as the basis for the outstanding quality of our instruments. 


  • QRS PNOmation 3 player system or Moontime Silent System can be fitted

An achievement in grand piano craftsmanship and design, the Model 11 gives a concert-like performance in a size that will fit nearly any home or studio.  

If you are limited for space, this instrument is ideal. It will certainly fit into the smallest corner and you will enjoy all the advantages a grand has to offer; the satisfying touch for the keyboard and the elegance of design that will compliment your home and a sound that will enchant you.

By using the same principles of construction that we apply to our larger instruments, this model leaves nothing to be desired with regards to its tonal character and dynamic range. Even its smaller size does not impede its warm bass and rich treble. For its size, it is certainly one of the best available.

QRS PNOMation 3

PNOMation 3 is self-playing piano system which can be mounted out-of-sight. Once installed, your piano will be able to play itself with a great library of pieces for you to choose from. It can express nuanced dynamics and will even be able to use your piano’s sustain pedal.

You can control your piano with your phone or tablet, and it will even integrate with your Alexa and Apple Watch.

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Bluthner-model-11-side-(1)-45733.jpg Blüthner 11
  • Price

    £ 51,995

  • Pedals

    3: una corda, sostenuto, sustain

  • Dimensions

    154cm (L) 153cm (W)

  • Finishes

    Black polished; 14 custom veneer finishes are available to order

  • Made In