W. Hoffmann V158

The W. Hoffmann Vision series V158 baby grand piano boasts a pleasant touch and a distinctively European, harmonious sound profile.

This affordable baby grand piano from a highly successful range is manufactured at C. Bechstein’s Czech factory, C. Bechstein Europe s.r.o.

The W. Hoffmann brand more than holds its own among its Asian competitors because C. Bechstein Europe draws upon its longstanding experience to produce quality instruments.

The W. Hoffmann Vision V158 is a sturdy, powerful and affordable baby grand that owes its singing European voice not only to the excellent facilities run by C. Bechstein Europe, but also to the expertise of the highly qualified Czech production staff, who turn every instrument into a unique musical gem.

Based in the Czech city of Hradec Kralove, C. Bechstein Europe has made an enormous investment in the latest production tools and materials: Computer Numerical Control machinery, iron frame finishing and high gloss polyester facilities.

This investment leaves all-important time for skilled piano makers to refine the instruments before shipping around the world. For many generations in Hradec Kralove, piano-making skills have been handed down within families, where the art of piano production is so much more than a manufacturing process.

Skill, dedication and precision all result in wonderful pianos from the Bohemian heartlands of Europe.

This is the most affordable, European-made grand piano from the firm of C. Bechstein Europe.

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W.-Hoffman-V158-min-54094.jpg W. Hoffmann V158
  • Price

    £ 15,900

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    158cm (l), 151cm (w)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, walnut, mahogany polyester

  • Made In

    Czech Republic