C. Bechstein Academy Range A190

The research and development departments of C. Bechstein continue to develop premium C. Bechstein pianos in the great tradition of the brand.

Accordingly, all C. Bechstein instruments stand out from the crowd, not only for their wide dynamic range and noble voice, but also for their fantastic, professional-quality action that boasts special hammerheads made by C. Bechstein in Germany.

Bechstein pianos are manufactured in Germany incorporating the latest discoveries in the field of material technology. Long-term testing performed at the C. Bechstein production site determines the effect of even the slightest alteration to the original design, so that every acoustic assembly corresponds exactly to the targeted ideal.

Nothing is left to chance thanks to automatic communication between the various machines, while manual post-processing of the action and acoustic assemblies make a jewel out of every A190 grand piano.

A C. Bechstein instrument is the epitome of durability, beauty of sound and playing comfort. Instruments made by C. Bechstein are tailored to the needs of demanding piano-players, and have been inspiring music lovers the world over for more than 160 years in the domestic living room, stately mansion, concert stage and music conservatoire.

The C. Bechstein A190 is an ideally sized grand piano with an attractive voice, clear and colourful tone and a pleasantly precise action that offers a wealth of nuances. It is a perfect choice for players looking to purchase the piano of a lifetime with the reassurance of knowing they have chosen one of Germany’s finest pianos.

The C. Bechstein A190 is available in black, white and a selection of delightfully figured, special wood veneers.

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  • Price

    £ 36,000

  • Pedals


  • Dimensions

    190cm (l), 153cm (w)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, walnut and mahogany polyester with special finishes upon request

  • Made In

    Germany by C. Bechstein (comes with 5-year C. Bechstein warranty)