Bechstein Classic 118

The C. Bechstein Classic 118 is a piano that will be welcomed by all who seek an instrument with a clear and classical style.


  • Dimensions: 118cm (h), 151cm (w), 59cm (d)
  • Weight: 238 kg
  • Finishes: Black, white, walnut, mahogany polyester. Walnut & mahogany satin
  • Pedals: 3
  • Extra features: C. Bechstein VARIO systemcan be supplied
  • Made in: Germany (with 5-year C. Bechstein warranty)
  • PRICE: £16,900 (black)

The C. Bechstein Classic 118 has elegant proportions and timeless, clean lines. Its superb sound and responsive touch result are effortless and inspirational reward for both professional and beginner alike.

The generous sonority of this medium-height C. Bechstein Classic 118 is well-suited, according to international product comparison tests, to Romantic and post-Romantic music. C. Bechstein upright pianos integrate much of the C. Bechstein grand piano construction principles, which accounts for their superb quality. This esteemed school of piano-making has long been a market-leader for premium-quality upright instruments.

The German C. Bechstein factory takes great care and time over each of these instrumental masterpieces. Much precious attention to detail is involved in such a long-lived piano. C. Bechstein pianos belong among the finest and most highly regarded uprights in the world.

The C. Bechstein Classic 118 has all the character of taller C. Bechstein uprights yet is ideally suited to many living rooms. For those considering a piano for life, the Classic 118 is worth the extra investment compared with many modern alternatives.

For silent play the C. Bechstein VARIO system can be supplied, factory fitted, in the Classic 118 so that you can practise any time, day or night, without being overheard.

The C. Bechstein Classic 118 comes with the 5-year C. Bechstein warranty.

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C.-Bechstein-Classic-118-uprighti-min-75942.jpg C. Bechstein Classic 118
  • Price

    £ 16,900

  • Pedals


  • Weight

    238 kg

  • Dimensions

    118cm (h), 151cm (w), 59cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black, white, walnut, mahogany polyester. Walnut & mahogany satin

  • Made In