August Förster 275

August Förster pianos are built with traditional methods in a quiet part of Saxony.

Away from the tourist trail, in a world that still cherishes and respects old customs, one can almost hear the approval of players from the past.

Richard Strauss wrote in 1864: ‘The August Förster grand piano used during my last concert tour was a loyal companion to me. It is rich and melodic throughout the whole spectrum of sound and comfortable to play.’

In 1937 Sergei Prokofiev wrote: ‘I must say that I am pleased as ever playing your – August Förster – grand piano. It is in points of euphony [melody] truly superior in both bass and descant. Its mechanism allows me to reach all dynamic layers of sound with ease.

Also, its tuning keeps very well. I openly congratulate you, Mr. Förster, and would like to tell you that you have my highest respect.’ Of course, the world has changed. The August Förster factory is one of the oldest in the world; during the postwar years of socialist government in East Germany, production compromises had to be made. Now, the company is moving into a new age. With a production line of exceptionally high quality and lower quantity, the firm of August Förster offers something truly special.

Those wishing to sample the ‘Super Mondial’ need only contact Peregrine’s Pianos in London and a visit to the factory can be arranged.

Find out what dealers are selling August Förster pianos in your area here.

August-Förster---275-min-02679.jpg August Förster 275
  • Price

    £ 96,390

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Dimensions

    275cm (l)

  • Finishes

    Black polyester only

  • Made In

    Saxony, Germany