August Förster 215

There are many grand pianos on the market that look just as smart and well presented as the August Förster 215cm (7ft 2in) model, and it is true that many do not demand such serious investment.

This piano however is special; it is manufactured by skilled crafts people using traditional techniques.

‘Traditional techniques’ is not a marketing cliché. It means that the frame is pure iron ore produced by slow sand casting; it will give a stability to the instrument that will last for years. These frames, specially patented by Mr August Förster in 1866, will withstand string tension of up to 20 tons.

It means that tuning stability is assured by additional back posts of beech spruce and by piano strings of Röslau steel, each individually strung with their own eye. And it means the Renner action – made with European hornbeam – and balanced premium spruce keys provide a superb response for the pianist.

The qualities admired by great composers in the past is an inherent part of every new August Förster piano. Serge Prokofieff described the piano in 1937 – ‘…truly superior in both bass and descant’ and Richard Strauss in 1864 – ‘It is rich and melodic throughout the whole spectrum of sound.’

The legs are fitted with iron interlocks and the large castors, which have brakes, are solid brass; an ‘A’ frame is not required. The Model 215 is perfect for serious rehearsals, a musician’s studio and performance spaces: Scottish Opera said of their new instrument ‘lovely piano!’

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August-Förster---215-76329.jpg August Förster 215
  • Price

    £ 53,950

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    215cm (l)

  • Finishes

    Black polyester only

  • Made In

    Saxony, Germany