August Förster 190

Here we have a smart, confident but not ostentatious piano.

It is not for pianists who wish to impress with exotic woods and lavish brass fittings. This is in the truest sense a musicians’ instrument; hit the keys and the sound hits one back! The Renner hammers are resilient by design and, for the working musician, this allows a tonal range that never ends. Perfectly suited to the nuances and precision of the most elegant masterpieces, the rough and tumble of prickly jazz or the dense, solid, richness of late-Romantic piano repertoire.

For those interested in the technical details; the firm of August Förster has been producing pianos in the same factory for over 150 years, making it one of the oldest piano factories in the world. Every piano carries the BVK (German Piano
Makers Association) accreditation that it is 100% German made and is individually built by hand.

The action is by Renner, the hammers are ‘Premium Renner’ hammers, the frame is pure iron ore cast traditionally in sand in a Frankfurt foundry, the back posts are jointed laminated beech, and the strings are by Röslau. Ultimate tuning stability is guaranteed as each string is strung separately with its own eye.

The piano is for home use, although August Förster do also make a 170cm model. It is for those who appreciate what is well made and what is good value for money.

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  • Price

    £ 43,850 (black polyester)

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda, sostenuto

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    190cm (6’4”) (l)

  • Finishes

    Black satin, black polyester, mahogany/walnut/cherry satin, mahogany/walnut polyester

  • Made In