August Förster 125G

August Förster 125G upright piano is a superbly presented instrument that has been produced using time-tested manufacturing processes through many generations.


  • Dimensions: 125cm (h), 153cm (w), 60cm (d)
  • Weight: 240kg
  • Finishes: Black satin, black polyester, mahogany/walnut/cherry satin, mahogany/walnut polyester
  • Pedals: 3: sustaining,una corda and mute
  • Made in: Löbau, Saxony, Germany
  • PRICE: £18,140

Indeed, some of the templates, gigs and workstations in the East German factory have changed little over the last hundred years! The craftsmen who build these pianos do so with skill-sets long since forgotten elsewhere in Europe.

Of course, we have long since passed the difficult years of the GDR, when investment was low and good quality raw materials were hard to come by. Annekatrin Förster, the present director and fifth generation of the family, has invested in the factory buildings, insisted on using only fine manufacturing materials and worked to impart traditional master crafting skills to the next generation. Every August Förster piano carries the BVK (German Piano Maker Association) accreditation; 100% made in Germany.

The technical details are important: the August Förster 125G is made for the professional or the serious player. It has a resonance comparable to that of a grand piano and the use of ‘Premium Renner’ hammers mean that precision playing is the order of the day. The Renner action is built to specifications that provide both speed and high repetition. The plate is pure iron ore made traditionally with sand casting and slow cooling and the back posts are extra-strong, with beech spruce beams. The solid, mountain spruce soundboard is tapered and contoured.

One can expect to cherish an instrument of this quality for many years, and it will not let you down.

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August-Förster---125G-min-64898.jpg August Förster 125G
  • Price

    £ 18,140

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda and mute

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    125cm (h), 153cm (w), 60cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black satin, black polyester, mahogany/walnut/cherry satin, mahogany/walnut polyester

  • Made In