August Förster 116D

The August Förster 116cm upright piano is the company's smallest and the most popular instrument for home use.


  • Dimensions: 1116cm (h), 152cm (w), 57cm (d)
  • Weight: 215kg
  • Finishes: Black satin, black polyester, mahogany/walnut/cherry satin, mahogany/walnut polyester
  • Pedals: 3: sustaining, una corda and mute

  • Made in: Löbau, Saxony, Germany

  • PRICE: £13,800

August Förster 116 upright piano comes in several casework styles and the 116D is the slimline version which also serves well in educational institutions. Make no mistake though, this piano is not an entry level instrument! 

The August Förster 116D has a high specification, traditionally-made soundboard. It is tapered and contoured solid spruce made from carefully selected mountain spruce notched at the inner rim.  e care and attention given to the manufacture of the soundboard means that the tone will be clear, focused and precise.

For a piano of this height the bass strings of the August Förster 116D are longer than one might expect, and this is achieved by a case a little wider – at 152cm than normal. The strings of course are from the unsurpassed factory in Röslau.

August Förster uses strong patented design cast iron frames and special back-posts manufactured from beech spruce and tenon-joined to the rim; and these together ensure perfect tuning stability. Renner actions and premium Renner hammers come as standard.

The company produces pianos in low quantities (some 300 instruments a year) but high quality. The 116cm upright pianos come in three models: as well as the 116D (slimline) the company produces the 116E (the traditional piano with elegant front legs) and the 116C (the beautiful Chippendale with cabriole legs). There is of course a range of casework finishes for all models available both in polyester and satin wood. 

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August-Förster---116D-min-04752.jpg August Förster 116D
  • Price

    £ 13,800

  • Pedals

    3: sustaining, una corda and mute

  • Weight


  • Dimensions

    116cm (h), 152cm (w), 57cm (d)

  • Finishes

    Black satin, black polyester, mahogany/walnut/cherry satin, mahogany/walnut polyester

  • Made In