Top 5 must-have piano accessories

12 June 2019
By Ellie Palmer
5 must-have piano accessories 5 must-have piano accessories
Here's everything you need to keep your piano - and your playing - in pristine condition

Playing the piano isn't all about playing the piano.

A lot of your efficiency in practising and your level of playing is aided by the help of additional equipment. We've picked out 5 must-have piano accessories that you need if you want to become a better pianist.



By far the most essential piece of equipment (besides the piano, of course) for any pianist, a metronome will help advance your playing better than any other piano accessory. You'll see improvements in your natural sense of timing and your sight-reading ability, as well as in your capabilities of practising with other musicians. Here are 5 reasons why a metronome is essential for every pianist.

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2. Music stand light

If, like a lot of us, you have to squint to see your music in all its glorious details when the daylight starts to fade away, this music stand light will be exactly what you need.  This battery-operated clip-on light lets you choose your level of brightness and height, and - thankfully - is extremely energy efficient. 

Get yourself a CeSunlight LED Dimmable Clip and you'll never have to wince again.

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3. Castors

If you own either an upright piano or a grand piano, and you don't currently own some castor wheels, you will find yourself in a rather tricky situation when the day comes that you will need to move your piano! Castor wheels are designed to fit onto the bottom of your piano for easy transportation. These heavy duty wheels importantly have a 360 swivel and a brake.

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4. Piano polish

Having a clean instrument really does affect how effectively you practise. There aren't many things more distracting than playing a piano covered in fingerprints and coffee cup marks! You might also find that giving your piano a good polish will hand you a boost of motivation to get playing. Have you ever walked into a showroom and gawked at how beautifully pristine the various pianos are? That's how people will now react when they walk into your home.

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5. Piano microfiber cloth

Pair your piano polish with this microfiber dusting and polishing cloth. Created by the same company, these two products go hand-in-hand.

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