6 reasons why regularly attending music events will aid your piano learning

21 August 2018
By Lauren Freeman
6-reasons-header-83816.jpg Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash
We look at the top reasons why getting yourself out and about will benefit you as a musician.

If you look closely, your city or town will have some type of music event on every single night of the week. And whilst you may favour the comforts of your own home versus the prospect of venturing out at night, attending some music events will absolutely aid you as a pianist. If you have enough passion and determination to improve and succeed, get yourself out to concerts, gigs, workshops, Q&A sessions, and festivals!

So what exactly are the benefits?


1. Watching others will add fuel to your ‘musical fire’

Observing another pianist perform their repertoire to perfection can have you feeling a little deflated, wondering what you are doing wrong in your own practice.

Or, you can choose to see it in a different light.

Use it as fuel for your musical fire. If you are determined to be a success, this perfect performance will have you purring at the idea of you one day being even better than that. And you can be! Don’t let the success of others discourage you. Instead, pick it up and carry it through into your own piano studies.


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2. There will be opportunities to network

You are in a room full of music enthusiasts, families of the performers, other successful musicians, and perhaps even music executives. Use this time to talk your way into opportunities! Are you looking for teacher recommendations? Looking to start performing live? Hoping to get your compositions published? Chances are, there will be someone in attendance that will be interested in helping you; or at least will know someone that can help.


3. A chance to widen your scope of inspiration

There is a reason why we didn’t call this article “6 reasons why regularly attending piano events will aid your piano learning.” That reason is that it’s essential that you experience a wide variety of music if you are to grow as not just a pianist, but a musician.

Think about this: If you only attend piano events, only listen to piano music, and only network with pianists, how will you find your uniqueness as a pianist? Inspiration is everywhere; draw from as many different streams as possible. Attend jazz shows and listen to the intricate rhythms of the piano; catch a local RnB gig and witness the sheer soul the pianist puts into his extended chords and improvisations; show up at Q&A sessions hosted by music executives and record producers to gain some knowledge on the business side of the music industry. It all adds to your mental pot of creativity and knowledge.


4. A chance to measure yourself against others

Attending piano workshops is a fantastic way to get an idea of how you are progressing in comparison to others at your level and age. Whilst everyone does learn at different paces, there’s nothing wrong with seeing how others learn and taking advice from them to implement into your own learning.


5. You’ll fall in love with your craft all over again

Having a passion for playing is vital, however this does not prevent piano practise from being mentally draining. If we are not careful, our willingness to get up early and practise our exercises can diminish before we even realise. So, why not remind yourself why you fell in love with the instrument in the first place?

Take your friends out with you the next time a pianist you like is performing in your town, or head over to your local jazz piano bar. There’s no pressure to learn and no pressure to take part. Relax and enjoy it.


6. Staying in the loop will only benefit you

Whilst this may not directly improve your physical piano playing, being on the ball when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the piano world will benefit you greatly as a musician. You’ll know when and where the best pianists will next be playing, you’ll know about new album releases, and most importantly you’ll also hear of any performing opportunities before the rest of the pianist world finds out.

Staying in the loop = staying ahead.


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