The world’s top 5 most expensive pianos

16 October 2018
By Ellie Palmer
4x3-NEW-Heintzman-piano-57924.jpg Heintzman piano - the world's most expensive piano
Join us as we look at the world's most lavish and luxurious pianos!


Ever wondered what the world’s most expensive pianos look like, and how much they’re worth? Here are the top 5, and they include some crazy prices.


5. Galaxy Piano | $1,360,000

© Galaxy Instruments

Worth a whopping $1.36 million dollars, this piano is the fifth most expensive piano in the world. It features curved keys, an automatic lid, and a fibreglass body made from 24-carat gold. This is a one-of-a-kind piano that only had a total of five ever created, so if you’re interested in purchasing one, you will have to hunt down the owners yourself and make an offer.

“We see ourselves as a luxury item. We don't see us as only a musical instrument.” – Mr Murphy, Sales and Marketing Director for the Galaxy Piano.

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4. Sound of Harmony Concert Grand, Steinway & Sons | $1,630,000

© Steinway & Sons

This piano took four long years to build, which isn’t a surprise considering it’s decorated with inlays of 40 different kinds of wood. The lid replicates artwork by Chinese painter Shi Qi. The woods used include ebony, ashwood and rosewood. It’s valued at a huge $1.63 million dollars.



3. Red Pops for (RED) Parlor Grand Piano, Steinway & Sons | $1,925,000

© Steinway & Sons

Yet another Steinway & Sons piano enters this list at number three. This particularly eye-catching red and white piano was inspired by U2 singer Bono. He wanted the company to create something that would take centre stage at the Red Auction event held in New York. This was a charity that was to help fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Africa. Incredibly, the piano ended up selling for $1.925 million dollars, and all for a good cause.

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2. John Lennon’s Steinway Model Z | $2,370,000

© Steinway & Sons

Without John Lennon’s name in the title, you’d wonder how on earth this standard, faded brown, upright Steinway managed to find itself at number two on this list. The reason this piano sold for $2.27 million dollars is not only because John Lennon played its ivory keys, but it is also, in fact, the very piano that he wrote the hit song ‘Imagine’ on.

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1. Crystal Piano, Heintzman | $3,220,000

© Heintzman & Co.

Anything with crystals in its name is bound to be expensive! Surprisingly, given the number of Steinways on this list, it isn’t a Steinway. It is a Heintzman & Co. piano – a manufacturer based in Canada. This transparent masterpiece is made up entirely of crystal. Given its probable fragility, it has only been played once before it was retired. That was back in 2008 at the Beijing Olympic Games. Who was lucky enough to perform on the Crystal Piano at the Olympics? None other than global superstar Lang Lang, of course!

Main image: © Heintzman & Co.