Okiem sells out at latest dazzling concert

28 November 2019
By Ellie Palmer
The pianist recently performed music from his latest album, Xiro, and premiered plenty of new compositions

11 November - Proud Embankment - Okiem


Self-described 'cinematic-classical' pianist Okiem recently gave a five-star performance at Proud Embankment in London - one of the city's latest new openings.  

He delighted the crowd with a series of performances from his latest album Xiro, including Purple Sky, Fifty Horses, and Mercy. Take a listen below.

Impressively, Okiem also invited his very own Infinity Orchestra – a project of his own making consisting of "the best of the best!", he tells Pianist. The Orchestra included cellist Fraser Bowles and Violinists Laci Olah & Diane Aidenbaum, who all gave solo performances on the night.

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Okiem and The Infinity Orchestra

Even more impressive was the use of Projection Mapping. Throughout the performance, Okiem projected various visuals onto the inside lid of the Phoenix 212 Model piano he was playing. "It was really exciting to see and added an amazing visual element to the whole concert. It looked like the piano came alive. The audience loved it," Okiem commented.

Throughout the year, Okiem has travelled around the world performing in Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Germany and Denmark (to name a few). He plans to take this show through the UK and internationally in the future. 

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