8 piano gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

12 February 2019
By Ellie Palmer
10 perfect piano gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day 10 perfect piano gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day
Hit a home run!

It's the most romantic day of the year, so make sure you are prepared with the perfect gift! Below, we've picked out 8 of the best piano gift ideas for you to browse through, from a cute little music wish bracelet to a stunning personalised framed gift...


1. Sheet music holder

You’ll never have to see your loved one struggle with their music again with this cute little sheet music holder! Complete with cornered black elastic bands to secure your music safely, this gift is finished off nicely with – you guessed it – sheet music imagery on the front cover. Your partner is bound to appreciate your eye for a good buy. 😉 


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2. Music wish bracelet

These are just adorable, aren’t they? 
These little bracelets – which are available in a variety of colours – feature a single little music note charm. What’s the ‘wish’ part all about? “Tie the string around your wrist or ankle while you make a wish,” it explains. “When it wears thin and falls off, your wish may come true…” 
If music is close to their heart, gift them a music wish bracelet.


3. Piano-themed iPhone case

If your loved one has a worn-down phone case – or worse yet, no protection at all – then get your hands on this piano-themed iPhone case. WARNING: It will be very tempting to pretend to play!
You’ll love it so much that you might even want to add a second one to your basket for yourself.


4. Handprinted piano pillar candle

Crack Mozart on, light your pillar piano candles and you’re all set. The candle is handmade from the highest quality German wax, and its lengthy shape means its guaranteed to last for more than one romantic evening. Setting the mood is key. You can’t go wrong with this!


5. 100 of the most beautiful piano solos ever

The look on your partner’s face when you serenade him/her on the piano will be priceless. Trust us! This book of 100 of the most beautiful piano solos ever includes Bridge Over Troubled Water, Clair de Lune, Fields of Gold, Time After Time, The Way You Look Tonight, and I Will Always Love You amongst other mightily famous songs.


6. Hans Zimmer - Live in Prague

Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly the number 1 when it comes to the world’s most successful and well-respected film composers. He is responsible for scoring the likes of The Lion King, Inception, Interstellar, The Da Vinci Code, and Pirates of the Caribbean to name a few. Be like Hans and be the number 1 gift giver in your lover’s life this Valentine’s Day! 


7. Yamaha HPH-50B headphones

Love your partner too much to tell them they’re playing too loud? Buy them a pair of soundproof headphones this Valentine’s Day! Problem solved.
All jokes aside, these headphones are the perfect pairing for any digital piano. Top-notch sound quality and comfortable listening make these a great choice of present. 
You can’t go wrong with a Yamaha product.

8. Personalised song lyric frame

This gorgeous gift speaks for itself. Do you and your partner have a special song? Get it framed to make sure you keep that memory forever.