5 piano albums perfect for falling asleep to

09 October 2020
By Lilli Medlicott
In these current times of such uncertainty, it is rare that we find time to listen to anything other than the constant hounding of news headlines and Coronavirus-conversation. This makes it more important than ever that we get the best rest possible. If you’re struggling to fall asleep amidst the stress of life, try your hand at any of these 5 albums.

Tales of Solace

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Stephan Moccio


Allow time to take yourself away from the chaos of the everyday, with Stephan Moccio’s album, Tales of Solace - which will prove to be as comforting and as fitting as its title. With each song played gently over calming white noise, Moccio pulls out all the stops when it comes to relieving us of our worries and anxieties. Not only does Moccio provide mesmeric melodies throughout, but each piece becomes more tranquil as the album progresses.

It’s guaranteed to have you sinking into your pillow.




Ludovico Einaudi


Einaudi never fails to disappoint when it comes to providing relaxation and serenity. His album Elements (2015, Decca) features a modern and electronic accompaniment that brings a whole new feel to his signature sound. Upon listening, it quickly becomes apparent that Elements is nothing short of mesmerising, as Einaudi strays away from the conventional - using both classical and technological elements throughout the album.

Elements showcases Einaudi’s contemporary-classical style, whilst still managing to surprise us with breathtakingly beautiful melodies and chord progressions.



In This Moment

Gavin Luke


Nothing will relax you more than listening to Gavin Luke’s In This Moment. Mirroring the album’s title, Luke’s calming melodies will have you relaxed and, in the moment, – helping to ease all your worries just by listening. Combining contemporary piano and gentle synth pad sounds, Luke’s album has a meditative quality – keeping you in a calm and relaxed mindset.

The album blends together seamlessly as each piece becomes more peaceful than the next, making In This Moment the perfect album to fall asleep to.




André Laplante


Stepping away from the contemporary, Canadian pianist André Laplante’s Ravel recordings transport you to a place of pure serenity. Ravel encapsulates the impressionistic genre and style of the early 20th century.

The fast-paced flowing arpeggios and broken chords are delightful, and the combination of deep resonating tones mixed with higher delicate melodies adds depth and dynamic to the overall album, allowing audiences to be submersed into a glorious state of tranquillity.



Aventine (Deluxe)

Agnes Obel


Featuring the incredible ‘September Song’ from the HBO hit series ‘Big Little Lies’, Agnes Obel’s Aventine mixes bright and mellow melodies with her own uniquely beautiful vocals. Overall, the album is charmingly eclectic, as Obel takes inspiration from contemporary music as well as classical, combining wonderfully to create a signature sound.

The addition of a string ensemble only enhances the listening experience further.


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