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30 May 2017
3-11253.jpg Okiem
Pianist and composer Okiem recently performed an intimate show at The Stables, Proud Camden. Read the review here..

Wednesday May 10th 2017 Okiem welcomed a select few hundred to engage in an evening of emotion, ambience and craftsmanship at The Stables, Proud Camden for an experience of his unique show.

A room full of strangers came together to experience a journey. While each individual was listening to the same notes, they were all being led through their own emotional pilgrimage.

The setting was tranquil and almost haunting, with Okiem sat tall at the head of the room, a man and his piano; and his orchestra, no bells or whistles just an artist in tune with his own aura. That this young man bared little resemblance to the stereotype associated with classical music added only to the intrigue. His presence was endearing and humble, his body language welcoming. Okiem was inviting his audience not to merely watch and appreciate his gift, but to enjoy the experience with him.

The set burst into life with the thrilling opening piece 'Purple sky'. Okiem is an artist, a composer a musician, but what struck me initially was the way in which his music touched everybody in the room in their own individual way. Each of the audience felt involved yet enjoyed the privacy of their own thoughts; each lost in their own reality as Okiem's sound roused sentiment unique inside of each individual spectator.

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In the front row some sat with closed eyes as they shut out the world mesmerised only by the music. Some smiled ear to ear momentarily oblivious of their surroundings, enjoying his passion and enthralled by the happiness emanating from every note he played, while others sat overcome with emotion shedding a tear at the track's peak.

Each piece told a different narrative as the audience were taken through a plethora of emotions. From a visual standpoint Okiem sat a figure engrossed in his own work, feeling every note while bursting with passion. The ambience that accompanied the theatre of a monotone room, encouraged you to choose the route of your own experience and generate your own opinion; each track forced you to drift into your own world as the powerful tones dared you to interpret each as an individual.

His music is relaxing, yet challenging as you feel involved at a level that singing along to a well known song could never match. Each member of the audience interpreted the songs in a way in which they created their own lyrics based purely on the particular place the piece took them, the emotion that it awoke and the reality that it created.

Seeing Okiem perform is truly an experience, to label it a gig or a concert would be underselling the feeling of enlightenment with which you leave. The addition of his interaction with the crowd in which he encourages opinions while engaging with audience members between tracks, creates a personal touch allowing the crowd to feel a connection with the artist and enjoy his humorous psyche.

A night with Okiem is an unforgettable encounter and one which every member will want to repeat thereafter. He is a composer who exudes charisma with a touch of humility and has a unique genre of performance based classical music which will appeal to anyone appreciative of music of any background.

Wrote by Dan Nolan.