6 online piano lessons on jazz improvisation

17 August 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Musician and teacher John Geraghty guides you through 6 jam-packed practical lessons on how to improvise jazz on the piano.

These lessons are designed for complete beginners that are interested in jazz improvisation, and for those who have practised jazz improvisation before but need a refresher course or want to learn more improvisation skills and techniques.

This series comes with downloadable audio and PDF content to help you with your jazz improvisation.

Let's get started!



Lesson 1: It all starts with a 'hello'

  • Learn how to improvise over the ever-popular C Blues scale
  • Learn about improv 'conversations'
  • Learn how to create a motif



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Lesson 2: ‘It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing’

  • Learn how to 'swing' your notes, practising on the twelve major scales
  • How to make 'wrong' notes sound 'right



Lesson 3: Targeting the train

  • How to use an existing jazz tune as your basis for improvisation
  • Writing jazz 'licks'
  • How to target certain notes



Lesson 4: 'I Got Rhythm'

  • Learn how to improvise using chords and chord tones
  • Learn how to 'comp' over chords
  • Learn left-hand chord voicings



Lesson 5: 'Let's Take a Walk'

  • How to accompany yourself when improvising
  • How to utilise chromatic notes in your improvisations



Lesson 6: 'Brazilian Nights'

  • Learn how to improvise in a bossa nova-style



About the author

John Geraghty is a songwriter, music producer, pianist, author, teacher and entrepreneur. Although John is a classically trained pianist, his passion lies in songwriting and music producing. He has studied most genres of music including pop, jazz, gospel, country, and blues piano.

He is the author of Playing By Ear – A Songwriter's Way. His teaching method is simple and direct: "Leave out everything that is not necessary and teach the student what they really want to know.