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17 June 2020
By Guest Writer
Rehearsing with a band or practising piano on your own is not always possible. The solution? Rent a rehearsal room by the hour. Use PianoMe to help you find the perfect spot


Practice rooms at PianoMe are perfect for seminars and workshops, music therapy sessions, concerts and recitals as well as ensemble-rehearsals and much, much more.



Rehearsal rooms are scarce in cities. It is not uncommon for several bands to share a practice room in order to be able to afford the high rental rates. It is even more difficult for pianists because they need a rehearsal room with a piano or grand piano. PianoMe offers a solution.


Book a rehearsal room with a piano online!

PianoMe is a platform for anyone who wants to rehearse on a grand piano – for example – but does not own a piano themselves, or lacks the space to practise the piano in an unknown city. Throughout Europe, PianoMe offers rehearsal rooms with pianos or grand pianos as well as concert halls and band rehearsal rooms.

The platform is currently concentrated on cities and metropolitan areas, but is planned worldwide.

There is a huge range of rehearsal room types on PianoMe - from the living room or music room to industrial lofts, classrooms from private music schools to the recording studio.

Various filters on the website make it easy to search for a suitable room. You can specify the location and price, but also certain properties of the desired rehearsal room: Is it possible to record sound in the room? Is there WiFi? Is there a bathrooms? A kitchenette? Etc.


PianoMe provides a good overview of the geographical location, availability, price of the rooms, and equipment available.

Through PianoMe you can check the availability and book the desired room on the website. After the booking has been confirmed by the provider, the room rental is transmitted. There is also the option of instant booking from case to case.


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Is it possible to book a practice room for more than one hour?

Yes, it is possible. If the owner of the piano room specifies that the room is available for more than one consecutive hour at a time, several one-hour time slots can be booked together at once. In order to do this, simply select multiple time slots when choosing the date and time at which you would like to practise.


How is my payment processed?

Payments can be made directly online after a user has successfully chosen a suitable piano rehearsal room. Simply follow the outlined steps and pay securely through the PianoMe website. PianoMe currently accepts payments made through SOFORT Überweisung as well as all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express among others.


And what if my plans change?

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the booking. No unnecessary phone calls or bank transactions are required – everything works automatically.


What if I want to become a host and offer my room to musicians?

Of course, that is also possible. It is always 100% free to advertise a room on PianoMe - all you need is an account with PianoMe. Setting up an account is also free of charge.

It's a bit like AirBnB: If you rent a rehearsal room, you can write your own text and insert photos of the room and the instruments. You will then be able to easily select your specified information: period of availability, instruments available, permitted number of people and the size of the room in square meters. A Google map is automatically created when the address is specified.

In the personal account area, PianoMe always provides renters with an overview of all bookings already made and pending. It is practical as the function automatically lists everything in an external Excel file via CSV data export. In this way, accounting is also considered.

With an account on PianoMe, you are flexible in both renting out or booking: If you want to book a rehearsal room in another city, you can offer your premises on PianoMe during your absence. This allows you to expand your network. PianoMe also sees itself as a social network that works through user reviews and followers, and runs a blog with a comment function.


A new video-feature 

The last few months have been challenging times for everybody. PianoMe felt it was important to be there for its community by allowing its members to contribute to creating moments of happiness for others. And what is a better happiness creator than music? Their recent campaign, “We are at home" (#weareallathome) received so much support that they have decided to go one step further.

A new function is now available on piano.me. Every musician can now upload videos. If you want to share your favourite piece, new songs, original compositions, creative ideas and love of music with other musicians online, use this new function and connect!

Just test the platform by yourself! There are many further features available.

PianoMe’s vision: PianoMe wants to make music accessible to everybody at any time, anywhere.

All images: © PianoMe