Piano lessons with Okiem- Lesson #1: 'Colorblind' by Counting Crows

16 November 2016
3-56409.jpg okiem
Pianist's new contributor, Okiem, will teach you how to play a new piece of music every month

'Colorblind' is a piano-led ballad by an American rock band called Counting Crows. It featured in the hit movie 'Cruel Intentions' back in 1999 and has since been covered by lots of artists including Leona Lewis.

When you come to learn it, I suggest you commit to learning this completely by memory! I break it down into sections and show you note for note and hands separately exactly what to play and the patterns used. Have a good listen to the song first as well, then go through the tutorial learning it in chunks. Hopefully, you should be able to commit it to memory fairly quickly. Once you've got it, start playing along to the song.

Let me know how you get on!

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