Need to improve your Chopin fioritura playing?

16 February 2018
Screen-Shot-2018-02-16-at-09.53.47-68017.png Graham Fitch
Watch our exclusive piano lesson by teacher and performer Graham Fitch.

Chopin’s music is full of large groups of small notes. They are often found in the right hand, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure quite how to deal with them. Ranging in character from light and filigree adornments to dramatic outbursts, these ornamental notes are known as fioritura (while they are often written in small notes, they also appear as regular-sized ones). Taken from the Italian word fior (flower), fioritura (fioriture in plural) refers to the flowery embellishments of a vocal line within an operatic aria. Chopin modelled his style on the bel canto operatic tradition, and we find its influence throughout his music. In this video, Graham share with you some practical suggestions to manage the fioriture, so you can approach them fearlessly.


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The full lesson appears inside issue 91, which is still available as a digital back issue.