Menahem Pressler made his DEBUT with the Berlin Philharmoniker at the age of 91

30 May 2019
By Ellie Palmer
Menahem Pressler debut with the Berlin Philharmoniker Menahem Pressler debut with the Berlin Philharmoniker
We look back to January 2014, when Pianist cover star and legend Menahem Pressler made his debut with one of the world's best orchestras

Read his full-length interview inside issue 108 of Pianist


Like a fine wine, Menahem Pressler certainly seems to have gotten better with age. Making his debut - yes, his DEBUT - with the Berlin Philharmoniker at the young age of 91 is by far one of the greatest piano moments we have witnessed over the last five years. 

The American pianist performed Mozart's Piano Concerto No.17 note-perfectly on a cold night in Berlin back on 11 January 2014, with conductor Semyon Bychkov conducting both him and the orchestra. Pressler graces the cover of our latest issue of Pianist magazine, and we thought we'd go back through the archives of his life and re-live one his most outstanding moments. 

His performance was hugely motivating. Worried that you may never get the chance to play with the world's best orchestras? Pressler has proved that age is no object. 

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Enough from us. Sit back and enjoy a few minutes of his performance below.


Menahem Pressler appears on the cover of issue 108 of Pianistand talks exclusively about the renaissance of his solo career inside.