Meet this incredible 9-year-old pianist already playing Chopin Nocturnes

18 May 2021
By Ellie Palmer
Marcus See may only be 9 years old, but he's already playing at a level that many older piano players would only dream of...

Meet Marcus See.

The Malaysian youngster has been playing the piano for five years, and is already exceeding the level expected of such a young learner.

Below he gives a beautiful performance of Chopin's Nocturne in E flat major Op 9, which is around Grade 6-8 level. "Marcus thinks this song is so poetic and elegance that full with love, romance, imagination and full of energy, especially when you listen to this song at night," says his father Ryan. "Marcus hopes he can dedicate this song to everyone and anyone in every corner of the world, and he believes we can move on and prevail together."



"[He loves] both classical & modern pop songs," continues Ryan. "He can play Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi), Ballade pour Adeline (Richard Clayderman), Canon in D (Pachelbel), Für Elise (Beethoven), Maybe (Yiruma)... He loves the piano so much!"

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Marcus has dreams of being a professional pianist or a Doctor one day. By the looks of his playing, the former is certainly achievable for this talented youngster.



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