5 top playing tips from cover star Pavel Kolesnikov

25 July 2018
By Ellie Palmer
4x3-pavel_008_2-96673.jpg Pavel Kolesnikov
The Russian pianist shares his 5 top playing tips with you! Pavel graces issue 103 of Pianist Magazine

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To celebrate the release of issue 103 of Pianist Magazine, we asked our new cover star, Pavel Kolesnikov, for his 5 top piano playing tips...


1. Record Yourself

'What you hear is what you play. It does feel very unpleasant, at first particularly, but nothing is more useful.'


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2. Train your inner ear 

'Play in your mind, imagining every detail - not only the notes, but also the sound, the phrasing, the emotion. Then try to replicate it at the piano...Persevere!'


3. Divide and rule

'Most technical difficulties are conquered by breaking them up into pieces that don't present a challenge on their own.'

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4. Look elsewhere for solutions and inspiration

 'For instance: for structure - in architecture and literature, for composition - in photography and painting, for line and silhouette - in fashion and ballet, et cetera.'


5. Practice little, with intense concentration

'Chopin strongly advised against working at the piano for more than 3 hours a day.  If you can't concentrate, there is little point in wasting time at the piano.' Here are 5 more tips on how to stay focused when playing the piano.


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