ASIA, OCEANIA & AFRICA: Pianist's pick of the top 10 best music festivals and workshops to attend this summer

21 June 2018
By Ellie Palmer
4x3-madagascar-61676.jpg Festival de Music Classique de L'Océan Indien
We've picked out the top 10 festivals and workshops for you to attend around Asia & Oceania over the next 5 months.

With many around the world well into the summer season already, a lot of us will be attending festivals, events, concerts, and workshops. For those of you based in and around Asia, Oceania & Africa, we've compiled a list of 10 music festivals and workshops for you to attend over this summer! With locations ranging from Madagascar to South Korea, to Australia,  you're sure to find an event near you. Check out this list below.


1. Pacific Music Festival

July 7 - August 1

Sapporo, Hiroshima and Toyko - Japan

Founded by legendary conductor and composer Mr Leonard Bernstein himself, along with the London Symphony Orchestra, over 3,400 musicians have taken part since it first opened in 1990. So who will add to that number this year? Members of the world-renowned Weiner Philharmoniker will be performing, along with appearances from conductor Valery Gergiev, and Akiko Sakuma on the piano.



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2. Festival International de Musique Symphonique d'El Jem

July 7 - August 11

El Djem, Tunisia

This Tunisian based festival was founded by Mr Mohamed Ennaceur, a former mayor of the town of El Djem. It has become a cultural centre of international dimension since its first showing back in 1986, and this year is no different. Celebrating their 33rd edition, performers include the Mallorca Chamber Orchestra, the Tunisian Symphony Orchestra, and the Italian Seme Soul Jazz Band.



3. PyeongChang Music Festival

July 25 - August 6

Gangwon Province, South Korea

The theme for this year's festival features the famous Einstein quote, 'I am not a genius, I am just curious.' The South Korean festival, to use the 'immortal, timeless vehicle that is classical music in order to pause for a second, engage our curiosity, and question boldly.' This year's programme features pianist Freddy Kempf, Pianist Magazine's 102nd issue cover star Yeol Eum Son, and Sunwook Kim amongst others.



4. Klein Karoo Klassique

August 9 - 12

Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Held in the beautiful South African town of Oudtshoorn, this festival will be hosting 10 concerts over 4 days. With appearances from the Charle du Plessis Trio, The New Old Trio (a talented trio consisting of piano, clarinet and violin), and Belgian accordion player Tuur Florizoone amongst others, it's gearing up to be a brilliantly diverse week.



5. Beijing International Music Festival and Academy

August 12 - 24

Beijing, China

Celebrating their 13th year, this festival and academy has become one of the most important and integral parts of classical music in the People's Republic of China. Auditions to perform in the academy are now closed, but you can still purchase your tickets for the festival.



6. Seiji Ozawa Matsumoto Festival

August 18 - September 7

Matsumoto City, Japan

This festival was launched in September 1992 under the guidance and direction of Seiji Ozawa, the infamous Japanese Conductor. The OMF aims to enrich the educational programme in Japan and offer wider opportunities for youth to interact with music. The festival this year includes concerts from the Saito Kinen Orchestra, conducted by Diego Matheuz, a special appearance from the Marcus Roberts Trio, and pianist Momo Kodama.



7. Festival de Music Classique de L'Océan Indien

August 23 - September 1


You couldn't pick a more stunning location for a summer festival. Madagascar is the beautiful host for this Classical Music Festival. However, they do like to keep us waiting with their information for this year's festival! Follow the ticket link below to make sure you hear the details of this year's edition first.



8. Tanja Jazz Festival

September 20 - 23

Tangier, Morocco

If you fancy something a little different, this African jazz festival may be right up your street. Located in a stunning northwestern port town, musicians at this year's festival will include guitarist Flo Bauer, pianist Stefano Bollani, and the Majid Bekkas Trio, a group that includes the man who single-handedly invented the African Gnaoua Blues genre.



9. Melbourne Festival

October 3 - 21

Melbourne, Australia

This is one of Australia's leading arts festivals. Artistic Director Jonathan Holloway, who is stepping down after this year's edition, will be directing the 19-day event. More details will be released in late summer.



10. Jazzmandu

November 1 - 6

Kathmandu, Nepal

The mission of this Kathmandu jazz festival is to bring quality jazz to Nepa, transcend cultural boundaries, and spread the message of peace and compassion through music. The schedule regarding this year's festival is yet to be released, so keep your eye on any new information using the ticket link below!


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