8 brief tips on buying a piano

01 February 2024
By Ellie Palmer
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Before spending your money, you need to be prepared properly. Take a look at our 8 tips below.

1. Be prepared and measure in advance

Measure the area you’ve assigned for your new piano, and take note of the dimensions with you when you visit your dealer. There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up unprepared.


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2. Watch out for knock-off brands!

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Buy reputable brands and beware of cheap instruments masquerading under obsolete or invented German names. If you’re not sure about a brand name, check its provenance before committing.

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3. Trust yourself

Listen to your dealer’s advice about reliability, warranties etc. But when it comes to assessing whether you’re happy with the tone and touch, trust your own judgement.


4. Testing, testing, 1 2 3... 

Give it a good try if the piano is for your own use. Try to play as many different styles/pieces as possible, so that you give it a good test. (Bring your sheet music along if you don’t know it by heart.) And take your time. Don’t be intimidated!



5. Take control

Don’t let a demonstrator choose your piano for you – if you’re uncomfortable performing in front of people (which is quite normal), ask to be left alone to make your choice.



6. When buying an instrument for someone else...

... bring the player along (in the case of a piano for a new learner, see if the teacher can come too).



7. Ask for advice

Involve other members of your household if in doubt about size, colour/finish and so on. Someone else might have a better eye as to whether the piano will fit in with the surrounding décor.



8. Think about your budget 

Aim to stick to your budget but don’t scrimp unnecessarily. Your new piano will be with you for many years, so treat it as an investment – it’ll pay you back.