7 perks of dating a Classical Pianist

30 May 2018
header-photo-4-x-3-31789.jpg Perks of dating a classical pianist
Musician and writer Caz Tailby comically shares with us the 7 perks of dating a classical pianist.

Classical pianists are, by nature, very tricky to pin down. They're always performing, always recording, and always touring. But if you happen to be falling in love with one, you can expect it to be well worth the wait. Here’s what you can expect…


1. Free concerts

Free tickets to see the love of your life perform his heart out at a full Royal Albert Hall? AND complimentary glasses of wine up in your own private box? Yes please.


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2. Being constantly serenaded

Romantic vibes from the Romantic Period. As soon as they sit down at the piano and start playing Waltz in A Minor by Chopin just for you, you’ll fall in love all over again. Bonus points if they’re also a singer; then you get free demos of all the romantic Italian Opera tunes.

Too bad you can’t understand the words.

Oh well, you win some, you lose some.


3. Cool points

“What does your significant other do?” “He/she’s a classical pianist.”

*Mouth drops*

“Wow, that’s impressive.”


4. Smart points

You will immediately appear 300% smarter with all your new classical knowledge, which means you have a much better chance of winning that pub quiz that you’ve lost 50 times in a row.


5. Impeccable timing

Years of practice schedules and exam appointments mean that discipline is firmly cemented as a skill in their regime. Dinner at 6? Expect them at 5:45. The only downside is that any issue of lateness is on you. But that can be worked on, right?


6. No judgement

Truth be told, pianists only get performances at the likes of the Royal Albert Hall or the Lincoln Centre if they earn a career big-break. It’s highly likely that money will be tight. But they won’t quit because they love it, meaning that they’ll understand why you don’t go for an ‘obvious’ career choice yourself.

There’s nothing like passion.


7. Want to learn an instrument? Sorted

And since they love you, you probably won’t have to pay for it!

In case it doesn't work out with your classical pianist partner, we have you covered with our own collection of piano lessons for all levels here.


By Caz Tailby. Caz is a graduate in Theatre & Performance from the University of Leeds, UK.

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