6 video piano lessons on staying injury-free

11 April 2022
By Ellie Palmer
Piano teachers Tim Stein and Graham Fitch demonstrate how to avoid those aches, pains and strains at the piano

It can be very easy to forget that playing the piano is a physical act that requires plenty of care and attention to avoid injury. Learning the wrong hand and wrist movements can cause serious, potentially career-ending (or hobby-ending) injuries.

Luckily, piano teachers Tim Stein and Graham Fitch are on hand to tell us exactly how to keep our precious hands, wrists and arms healthy at the piano.


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Seating and posture

Teacher Tim Stein gives a beginner lesson on seating and posture at the piano. Tim demonstrates on the Roland HP-507.



Hand shape and hand position

Tim Stein gives another beginner lesson on how to position the hands on the piano, making sure to have the wrist and arm in the right position.



Strengthening the left hand

Here, Tim shows you how to go about strengthening the (usually weaker) left hand.



Useful exercises for the weaker fingers

Pianist teacher Graham Fitch presents the best exercises for strengthening your weaker fingers, focusing on the fourth and fifth fingers. The video complements his article inside Pianist 113.


Wrist movement: Part 1

Graham gives another in-depth lesson, this time on the important 'drop-roll' motion of the wrist. This lesson complements his full-length article inside Pianist 95.


Wrist movement: Part 2

Graham continues his lesson on wrist movement.